The Post-Graduate Course in Literature and Linguistics originated from the Master’s Degree Literature Course, which started in 1976, authorized by the Chamber for Post-Graduate Instruction and Research of the Federal University of Bahia (Ruling n° 17/76) and concentrated in the fields of Portuguese Language, Linguistics and Literature Theory.
In 1983, the Master´s Course in Literature at UFBA was certified by the Federal Education Council (Ruling n° 416/83), which allowed it to fully function and be recognized throughout the country. In July 1988, the Course presented the Report to the Federal Education Council in order to be re-certified, which occurred in March 1990 (Ruling n° 307/90).
The Master’s Course in Literature, after successive evaluations by CAPES, underwent a restructuring process between 1992 and 1994. At the end of this period, a reformulation of the Course was presented to CAPES, which initiated the process of integration into the then Post-Graduate Program in Literature and Linguistics (PPGLL in Portuguese).
In 1996, this process resulted in the division of the Program into three areas of concentration (Historic Linguistics; Applied Linguistics; Literature and Culture Theory and Critique), with an annual selection, as well as the aggregation of the course into the curricular program and a larger offering of disciplines. In the same year, a reformulation of the Master’s Program was undertaken and, consequently, a Doctoral Program, characterized by a flexible and permeable structure to go outside national disciplinary restrictions was established. 
A better integration between instruction and research, student and tutor, Post-Graduate and Undergraduate programs was sought, with a revision of the traditional and institutionalized disciplinary structure. Then new areas were proposed, more strengthened and productive research activities developed by the permanent faculty of the Course.   
The Post-Graduate Program in Literature and Linguistics (PPGLL) encompassed the previous courses of Specialization in Language and Vernacular Literature, as well as of Translation, additionally offering a Specialization Course in Linguistic and Literary Studies. Further, there was Certification in a Foreign Language and Proficiency in the Portuguese Language, which serviced the Post-Graduate Programs of the Federal University of Bahia, through the offering disciplines and exams in Foreign Language (LE) and the Portuguese Language (L2).  
In 2009, after 33 years of operation, the Post-Graduate Program in Literature and Linguistics started an important process of reformulation, which would seek to consolidate areas and lines of research but without losing sight of the necessary acceptance of new paradigms within the scope of language studies and of the growing demand for qualified human capital in the regional context. This being the case, and due to the dimension covered by the Program, the CAPES’ Tri-annual Evaluation Commission suggested the division of PPGL into two distinct programs, based on previous studies, which led to the proposal for its dismemberment, with implementation foreseen for 2010.
In this way, in January 2009, the restructuring of PPGLL was approved by the Chamber for Post-Graduate Instruction and Research, as well as by the CONSEBE of the Federal University of Bahia. Two new programs were created: LANGUAGE AND CULTURE; LITERATURE AND CULTURE. Among other aspects, the intention was to preserve the qualities of the previous PPGLL and to create greater reach in terms of studies in emerging areas.